IWR Video Links For 04/16/2007

Nancy Grace Gets Ripped by Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart tees off on one of the most disgusting people on TV ever – Nancy “The Mother Killer” Grace.  Nancy thinks only people like Hitler believe in the legal principle of innocent until proven guilty.

Jon Stewart
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This is a video from Kondoh Akino, who is one of my favorite modern artists.  Here are two more #1 and #2.

Densya Kamo Shirenai
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Maher Blasts Regent Law School’s Transformation of the DoJ
The DoJ has 150 graduates from Pat “700 Club” Robertson’s Regent University.  No wonder things are so screwed up!

Bill Maher
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The Zimmers: My Generation
Most of these singers are said to be over 90.  I hope I can still kick out the yams when I’m 95!

Talking ‘Bout My Generation
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The Daily Show: “Reverse Progress in Iraq,” Vetoes and War Czars
Jon Stewart reviews Bush’s history of phony Iraq progress reports.

Monkey Pants
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Art Of Noise – Moments In Love
I always liked The Art Of Noise, and this song in particular.

Moments In Love
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Catherine Crier Calls Out Right-Wing Bigots
Catherine Crier points out that Imus is not the only bigot on the air.

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Daily Show: Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007)
Jon Stewart’s interview with Kurt Vonnegut.

Jon Stewart
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The Mysterious USB Shoe
Is it live or is it a Memorex sneaker?

The USB Sneaker

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