Iwr 2007c
Iwr 2007c

IWR Art – Art Links 12/17/2007

IWR Art – Art Links 12/17/2007


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IWR Art Links For 12/17/2007

Edwin Longsden Long [Bio 1829-1891
Edwin Longsden Long was a very talented British Orientalist painter.  His female figures are very lovely and his attention to detail is quite astounding.  I think his The Pharaoh’s Daughter finding Moses is one of the best Old Testament biblical paintings that I have ever seen.

The Eastern Favorite

Love’s Labor Lost
[ ]

Tetsuya Ishida [Bio 1973-2005
Tetsuya Ishida’s surrealist paintings reveal the troubled artist within trapped a cold merciless modern mechanical world.  It is thought that he committed suicide by jumping under a train.  How sad.

Self Portrait In The Classroom
[ ]

Ai Shinohara
Ai Shinohara’s surrealist paintings are also a bit on the weird side, but she is a very talented painter and illustrator, indeed.

Drift about at the dream spring, 2007
[ ]

Xiaoqing Ding (via Blort
These are great!  I want one for Christmas!

What Do You Care
[ ]

Hugo Boettinger (via Little Hokum Rag
Hugo Boettinger is a Czech impressionist painter in the tradition of Renoir.

Jugend (1918)

Drei Badende Mädchen am Bach (1910)
[ ]

On the Wings of a Big Orange Fish
This is an interesting set of images by Lotusgreen with people riding on orange fish.  There are two images I believe by Yoshitoshi and the image below by Suzuki Harunobu has got to be one of the most famous Ukiyo-e images of all time.

Mitate no Kinko by Suzuki Harunobu (18th Century)
[ ]

Claude Verlinde (via Femme
Claude Verlinde is a much less depressing surrealist (than those above) in the hybrid style of Paul Delvaux and Hieronymus Bosch.  I love his female figures.

[ ]

Hasegawa Yosuke (via PCL
These are fun.

Lincoln As Dixie Cup
[ ]


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