Iwr 2007c
Iwr 2007c

IWR Cartoon – The Republicans

IWR Cartoon – The Republicans

The 2008 Republican Candidates  – Parody News Cartoon

The Republicans

NASHVILLE, TN (IWR Satire) – The 2008 Republican Candidates today released their much anticipated vinyl album  “Same Old Song And Dance” at a gala event held at the Nashville Howard Johnson’s to a rather small crowd of Fox News reporters.  The aging band is hoping their album will help raise millions to fund the GOP’s vicious attack ads planned for this Summer.

The band members include: lead singer John “Methuselah” McCain, two fingered Hammond organ player “One-Trick Rudy” Giuliani, drummer Mitt “Gringo” Romney, on duck calls Fred “Frankenberry” Thompson and Mike “Huckster” Hucklebee on bass guitar.

Hear is the list of the songs from the LP:

  1. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
  2. War, What Is It Good For?  Halliburton Of Course!
  3. Me, Myself and Big Business
  4. Same Old Song An Dance
  5. Moral Hypocrisy Rap
  6. Let The Poor Eat Cake
  7. Capital Gains Tax Cut Boogie
  8. Budget Busters
  9. Beat It
  10. Whip It
  11. Please Do Fence Me In
  12. Gay Bash Mash

Same Old Song And Dance
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