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IWR Cartoon – Limbaugh’s Dog To Patrol Border – Rush Limbaugh, GOP, Republican, Teabagger, Cartoon, Cartoons, Funny, Humor, Toons

IWR Cartoon – Limbaugh’s Dog To Patrol Border – Rush Limbaugh, GOP, Republican, Teabagger, Cartoon, Cartoons, Funny, Humor, Toons

Limbaugh’s Dog To Patrol Border

JIM CROW, AZ (Parodywire) – Rush Limbaugh today donated his trusted Rottenweiler Ditto to patrol the Mexican border.  “Ditto likes to eat poor people especially Mexicans and Muslims like Obama.  People say that dogs often look like their owners, but I can’t a resemblance to myself,” said Limbaugh to reporters.

Rush Limbaugh Cartoon

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