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IWR Photo Bush Cartoon – Stand By Your Ham

IWR Photo Bush Cartoon – Stand By Your Ham

George Bush & Don Rumsfeld – News Parody Cartoon

Stand By Your Ham

CRAWFORD, TX (IWR Parody News) – President Bush today reaffirmed his support for beleaguered Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. 

"Karl tells me that I can’t fire Rummy, no matter how senile he gets.

That would be like admitting failure and with my support at all time lows, I could be impeached before I get a chance to gut Social Security and lose the war in Iraq!

So to show our full support for the Secretary, Pickles will now sing Rummy her favorite country and western song  – Stand By Your Ham:

[Pickles dressed in a gold sequined cowgirl outfit takes the stage backed by the Linda Tripp Trio.]

Stand By Your Ham

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman

Giving all your love to just one ham

You’ll have bad times and he’ll have good times

Doing things that you don’t understand

But if you love him please forgive him Even though he’s hard to understand

And if you love him, whoa be proud of him ’cause after all he’s just a ham

Come everybody sing along!

Stand by your ham

Give him two arms to cling to

And something warm to come to

When the nights are cold and lonely

Stand by your ham

And show the world you love him

Keep giving all the love you can

Stand by your ham

And if you love him, whoa be proud of him

’cause after all he’s just a ham

Come on let’s give Rummy a big of round applause,"  said Pickles.

*MIDI from Gary’s MIDI Paradise



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