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Best of IWR – Colin Powell

Best of IWR – Colin Powell

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Colin Powell Cartoons – IWR Parody Archive

Powell Does His Pinocchio Shtick

Colin Powell’s nose turned pink and grew longer as he

testified before the Senate Budget Committee hearing on Iraq.


Powell is Embroiled in U.N. Goldfish Scandal

Colin Powell and the missing goldfish.

Powell’s Wife Urges Secretary

 to Keep His "Day Job"

Colin Powell Juggling Live on C-SPAN

Arlington (IWR Satire) – Colin Powell’s Wife Alma told reporters today that her husband "Colin needs to forget about his crazy dream of being a juggler and focus on being Secretary of State," said Mrs. Powell.

One Potato, Two Potato

Boise (IWR Satire) – Colin Powell explains how policy decisions are made in the Bush Administration.   "Basically, we use ‘The One Potato, Two Potato’ method," said the Secretary of State.

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