Iwr 2007c
Iwr 2007c

IWR Cartoon – McCain Gets Benny Hinn Makeover!

IWR Cartoon – McCain Gets Benny Hinn Makeover!

John “Bush 2.0” McCain  – Parody News Cartoon

McCain Gets Benny Hinn Makeover

BUGTUSSLE, TN (IWR Satire) – In order to woo religious conservatives, John McCain today got a Benny Hinn makeover, which included Benny’s trademark comb over, in Tennessee.  Mr. McCain immediately then flew to Texas and went on the stump breathing fire and brimstone at the religious right and warning that if they should stay home from polls this November, they would be damned to hell for helping elect a Liberal Satan.  “Remember Bubba, a vote for me is a vote for Jesus,” said McCain over and over at bowling alleys and taverns throughout the state.

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