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IWR Art – Female Buttocks In Painting 101

IWR Art – Female Buttocks In Painting 101


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Female Buttocks In Painting

Female Buttocks in Painting is one of the ever increasing art image categories at Wikimedia Commons.  Anyone who reads IWR knows that I have special appreciation for the female figure in paintings, woodblock prints, etc., and these artworks feature the derrières of some of the most beautiful models by some of the greatest painters in the history art.  Here are my favorites from this Wikimedia category.  Obviously, there are many more pictures of women’s backsides than are included on the Wikimedia page.  What is your favorite painting of a woman’s tush?

William-Adolphe Bouguereau– Lost Pleiad (1884)

Raffaello Sanzio– The Three Graces (1504-5)

Diego Velázquez– Venus at Her Mirror

Pierre-Auguste Renoir– The Bathers (1887)

Hans Makart – Five Senses

François Boucher– Marie-Louise O’Murphy (1752)

Francesco Hayez– Rückenansicht einer Badenden (1859)

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec– Naked Woman in Front of Mirror

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