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IWR Bush Cartoon – Gibson Blames Jews For Spiking His Communion Wine

IWR Bush Cartoon – Gibson Blames Jews For Spiking His Communion Wine

Mel Gibson – Parody News Cartoon

Gibson Blames Jews For Spiking His Communion Wine

MALIBU, CA (IWR News Satire) – After being released from jail on drunk driving charges, actor Mel Gibson blamed his public drunkenness on the international Jewish conspiracy to ruin his reputation.

"For Christ sakes, I had only drank about three magnums of Christian Brothers communion wine while I was cruising 90 miles an hour up and down Highway 1 in Malibu.

When I got stopped by the cops,  I told them the goddamn Jews must have spiked my communion wine with crack or something, but the Jews must have already paid off the police because they didn’t believe me," said Gibson.




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