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IWR Photo Bush Cartoon – Senior Citizens to Defend Iraq

IWR Photo Bush Cartoon – Senior Citizens to Defend Iraq

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IWR Photo Cartoon

Bush to Have Senior Citizens Defend Iraq

DELRAY, FL (IWR News Parody) To meet the growing need for more soldiers and to rotate the troops already in Iraq, President Bush has decided to enlist the support of senior citizens.

"If we are going to keep having these neocon preemptive wars, like Richard Perle and David Frum say we should, then we would either have to reinstitute the draft, which no one wants, or somehow recruit more soldiers from the public.

Then Karl Rove had this brilliant idea, that it would be pretty easy to hoodwink a couple hundred thousand seniors and have them keep the peace in Iraq, while we and our boys invade Syria and Iran. 

You know, before Ariel Sharon threatens to support Howard Dean if don’t attack one of those countries soon.

Karl also says that if we get more troops it will take some of the the political heat off us.

I mean who cares if some insurgent from the Fedayeen lobs a grenade into a group of seniors.  After all, those old farts already have one foot in the grave anyway! 

Just think how much money we could save on Medicare and Social Security payments alone," said Mr. Bush.


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