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Best of IWR – The Dell Dude (Weblog)

Best of IWR – The Dell Dude (Weblog)

Best of IWR – The Dell Dude

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Oh No! Steven is Busted for Pot!

That’s like a Bummer Dude.

Steven rolling his first Spliff of the Day

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Slobodan Milosevic to Replace "Dell Dude"

(Left) Slobodan  (Right) Steven

Austin, TX — At news conference today, Michael Dell announced that Slobodan Milosevic would be replacing "Steven" in future Dell Ad campaigns.  Dell Computer has been under fire recently from the Pro-Gun Lobby as a result of flap with Gunsmith Jack Weigand

"Although it may look like we are appeasing the NRA, we really think Slobodan will increase sales to the NRA.  Our plan is to have to have Slobodan dress up like Archie Bunker."  said Mr. Dell.

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