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Bremer to Sell Off Iraq’s Assets on eBay

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Bush Decree Ends the Separation Of Church and State

The Real Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Saddam Hussein Turns Up at Kobe Bryant’s Trial

Breaking News: Schwarzenegger Not Qualified to Run For Governor of California!

Kim Jong Il Enters California Governor’s Race

Bush Blames Doppelganger for Weak Economy

Bush Admits US Invaded the Wrong Country

Unabomber to Fill Poindexter Vacancy

Rummy’s New Game Show: The Wheel of Farces

Rummy Sajak?

To Tell The Truth

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George Bush’s Recurring Nightmare




Devil Bear

  • Ashcroft Taking Fire From GOP Stalwarts

    Ashcroft and his Patriot Act domestic spying needs to go.  I’m glad to see that not everyone in the GOP is mindless neocon automaton.

  • Fistfuls of Dollars

    "Someday, when the grown-ups are back in charge, they’ll have quite a mess to clean up."

  • Halliburton’s Deals Greater Than Thought

    This is an outrage.  The Bush administration thinks  accountability doesn’t apply to the executive branch.  Congress needs to do its job and investigate Bush and his cronies.

  • How FOXNews Tries to Trivialize The Deaths of Our American Soldiers

    BuzzFlash points out how Fox News tries to diminish and trivialize the deaths of our soldiers in Iraq.




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  • Poll: Americans Think U.S. Bogged in Iraq (BF

    70% of Americans think the US will be  bogged down in Iraq for years.  The same number of people also concerned about the costs of the war increasing the deficit and hurting the economy.  The war now costs about a billion dollars a week.

  • Dissolving Iraqi Army Was Costly Choice

    This is par for the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. 

  • Soaring Gas Prices Nearing Record

    When I got gas yesterday, it cost me $2.15 a gallon.  I am getting sick of being gouged by the oil companies.  This also provide the motivation for one of my satires.

  • Conan the Deceiver

    Paul Krugman sticks it to the economically naive Arnold  Schwarzenegger.  Also, checkout this anti Arnold Schwarzenegger site: California Governor Steroid, and according to LA Times, Arnold’s is falling behind Bustamante

  • Write a Story, Go to Jail

    Chilling Wired article about a kid getting busted by the Thought Police for just writing a story about attacking his high school.

  • California Needs Conservatism

    Rush Limbaugh thinks conservatives should support somebody other that Arnold.  I sure hope they take Pigboy’s advice.




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