Iwr 2007c
Iwr 2007c

IWR Cartoon – The Real George Bush

IWR Cartoon – The Real George Bush

George W. Bush – Parody News

The Real George W. Bush

Bush at a Recent Press Conference

Yesterday when I was looking for images to use for my photo cartoons, I came across the photo above, which I consider to be, the most revealing look into the soul of George W. Bush.  For a split second Bush drops his guard, and you can see what a miserable little man Bush really is. 

The look on his face is a perfect match for Mister Potter (Lionel Barrymore) the villain in the great movie classic It’s A Wonderful Life, starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.  What a perfect metaphor for the struggle of the common man George Bailey against George Bush the twisted aristocratic personification of Big Business! Or as George Bailey would put it: “In the whole vast configuration of things, I’d say you (Bush) were nothing but a scurvy little spider.”

Bush as Mister Potter

Then I thought, what a perfect image to put on the seldom used two dollar bill.  Think about it, what used to cost 50 cents in 2000 now costs at least two bucks now.  Also, isn’t two what most would guess Bush’s IQ to be?  I’m sure Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t mind!

The George W. Bush Two Dollar Bill

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