Iwr 2007c
Iwr 2007c

IWR Cartoon – Pickles’ Bush Library Pledge Drive

IWR Cartoon – Pickles’ Bush Library Pledge Drive

Laura “Pickles” Bush – Parody News

Bush Library Pledge Drive

WASHINGTON (IWR Satire) – First Lady Laura “Pickles” Bush conducted her first pledge drive on CSPAN today from the press briefing room of the White House to raise money for her husband’s future library at SMU in Dallas, TX.  Mrs. Bush offered limited edition rolls of toilet paper with the Bill of Rights printed on every sheet for any donor who could pledge a million dollars. 

“Now you can be just like the President and wipe your ass with Bill of Rights of this here country, and all you got to do is pledge a million dollars for the George W. Bush Presidential Library,” said Mrs. Bush like a carnival barker.

There’s a Limited Supply!

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