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Internet Weekly 2

IWR Photo Bush Cartoon – Schwarzenegger Receives Special Award

IWR Photo Bush Cartoon – Schwarzenegger Receives Special Award

Arnold Schwarzenegger – News Parody Cartoon

Schwarzenegger Receives George Bush Asshat Award

COLLEGE STATION, TX (IWR News Parody) – California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, accepting a special Asshat award Tuesday, credited former President George Bush with helping to spark the former actor’s obnoxious behavior.

"George Bush helped make me an asshat and now I am having the greatest time of my life," Schwarzenegger said at Texas A&M University, home of Bush’s presidential library.

"George Bush always said he wanted me to rub people the wrong way," Schwarzenegger said.

Bush said Schwarzenegger deserved the 2004 George Bush Award for Asshat of the Year, joking his "imbecile" status often eclipsed that of his son.

Bush told 2,500 people at the presentation the award was not about Schwarzenegger’s celebrity. "He has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to annoying the hell out of others," he said.

Bush then placed the official asshat crown on Schwarzenegger’s head.



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