Iwr 2007c
Iwr 2007c

IWR Cartoon – Rove Blames Iraq War On Clutch Cargo Cartoons

IWR Cartoon – Rove Blames Iraq War On Clutch Cargo Cartoons

Karl Rove And George Bush  – Parody News Cartoon

Rove Blames Iraq War On Clutch Cargo Cartoons

Fantasyland (IWR Satire) – Karl Rove last night on the Charlie Rose show blamed the Iraq War on Clutch Cargo cartoons, which both George Bush and Mr. Rove were addicted to as kids. 

“George and I were totally mesmerized by that amazing “Syncho-Vox” technology, which superimposed real human mouths over nearly static animation.

I thought to myself, ‘If these cheesy cartoons can be successfully marketed to America, I could even get my dimwitted pal George elected president!’  And by golly, Charlie, that’s what happened.

If there never was a Clutch Cargo, we wouldn’t be in this damn Iraq War quagmire!  I would probably have been a used car salesman and George would today be flipping hamburgers somewhere in El Paso,” said Rove, who hid his crossed fingers under his chair.

That Explains Everything!
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Inspiration: Rove Tries To Rewrite History: Claims WH ‘Opposed’ Politicizing Pre-War Iraq Vote
and of course Clutch Cargo


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