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Internet Weekly 2

IWR Bush Cartoon – Cheney Shoots Scooter Libby By Accident, Loony, Wingnut, Humor, Joke, Satire, Parody

IWR Bush Cartoon – Cheney Shoots Scooter Libby By Accident,  Loony, Wingnut, Humor, Joke, Satire, Parody

Dick Cheney – Parody News Cartoon

Cheney Shoots Scooter Libby By Accident

WASHINGTON (IWR Satire) – For the second day in a row, Vice President Dick Cheney has accidentally shot someone while hunting.  This time Mr. Cheney shot his former aid Scotty Libby ten times in the back near the Lincoln Memorial.  The Vice President, who often likes to target practice on illegal aliens, sparrows and titmice in the National Mall, claimed he mistook Mr. Libby for the Japanese science fiction monster Rodan.  "It’s really too bad, because I was prepared to testify on his behalf at his trial next year," said Cheney through a twisted evil grin.

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