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IWR Bush Cartoon – Frist Links Indentured Servitude To Wage Hike

IWR Bush Cartoon – Frist Links Indentured Servitude To Wage Hike

Bill "The Cat Killer" Frist – Parody News Cartoon

Frist Links Indentured Servitude To Wage Hike

WASHINGTON (IWR News Satire) – Senator Bill Frist today linked what he called "indentured servitude" to the minimum wage bill.

"This isn’t meant to be a Christian or compassionate bill to help those meek bastards inherit the earth by increasing their damn wages. Jesus would turn over in his grave if we actually did something for the poor!

In fact, it’s meant to be a bill that will make us fat cats even fatter!  That’s why I also tied the elimination of estate taxes to the same legislation. 

Hell, most states already have raised or surpassed this chump change wage hike anyway, and those states who don’t include tips as part of the minimum wage will now have to so when this bill is signed into law. 

That means that your average restaurant owner won’t have to pay you riffraff a damn cent!  That’s a pay cut! That’s wage deflation. That’s the GOP way!

And if a worker earns more in tips than the wage ceiling allows, the employee by law must split his take with the business owner.

That’s also what I like to call the new indentured servitude," said Frist with an expression of fake sincerity.




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