Kamikaze Card2
Kamikaze Card2

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Thursday 12/31/2009

Vintage Japanese Kamikaze New Year’s Postcards

Vintage Kamikaze Aircraft New Year’s Postcards
These Japanese New Year’s postcards from 1937 feature Kamikaze planes and pilots.  The cards celebrate the first Japanese built airplanes that could fly to Europe.  The kamikaze  suicide pilots did not appear until October of 1944.  Also, I found out via Wikipedia that Pink Tentacle also has an article on these cards published today too published earlier than this article.

Kamikaze over Mount Fuji (2)
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Wednesday 12/30/2009

Blue moon to shine on New Year’s Eve

Blue Moon – Ella Fitzgerald
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Tuesday 12/29/2009

Notable Opinion Art of the Year (2009)

Islamic Revolution Barbie
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Monday 12/28/2009

Art Links For 12/28/2009

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner – Artistin (Marzella)
I’m not a big fan of Expressionist painter Kirchner, but I really like this painting of his child model and muse Lina Franziska Fehrmann.  Here are more images of Lina


Lina Franziska Fehrmann
[ ]

Beatus Escorial
These colorful and fascinating Picassoesque images are from the 10th century Illuminated manuscript- Escorial Beatus, which is a commentary by Beatus of Li�bana on the Apocalypse.

Worship of the Animal and the Dragon (Apocalypse XIII)

The fifth Angel sounds trumpet (Apocalypse IX)
[ ]

Codex Manesse
The beautiful 14th century illuminated manuscript the Codex Manesse was “the single most comprehensive source for the texts of love songs in Middle High German, representing 140 poets, several of whom were famous rulers. The term for these poets, Minnes�nger, combines the words for “romantic love” and “singer”, reflecting the content of the poetry, which adapted the Proven�al troubadour tradition to German”.  Below are two of my favorite images.

Manessi song handwriting (large Heidelberger song handwriting), scene: Give from Limburg

[ ]

Shinya Okayama
I like these.

Happy Time
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Music Video Links For 12/28/2009

Stan Getz and John Coltrane – Hackensack (Live 1960)
Who do you think plays the better sax?

 Stan Getz and John Coltrane
[ ]

Dave Brubeck – Take Five (1966 Live)
This is a great performance by this band from my old stomping grounds in Ann Arbor.

Dave Brubeck
[ ]

Skatalites – Guns of Navarone (Live 2003)
They still sound good to me!

[ ]

Radiohead – No Surprises (live acoustic)
Hopefully at least, there will be no bad surprises in the new year. Here’s the studio version

[ ]

War/No More Trouble – Playing for Change – Song Around The World
This is a hopeful song for the new year, which at the moment doesn’t look like it will be very peaceful.  Still, hope springs eternal…

Bob Marley (Live 1979)

Playing for Change 
[ ]

No Doubt – Don’t Speak

No Doubt
[ ]

Venetian Snares – Szam�r Mad�r via Motel de Moka

 Venetian Snares
[ ]

Karsh Kale – Beautiful via Sweet Heat

Karsh Kale
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Monday 12/21/2009

Art Links For 12/21/2009

Females Reading in Art – Wikimedia Commons
This is an interesting Wikimedia category.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Emile Munier – The Reading Lession

Takehisa Yumeji – Postcard Showa Era

Piero di Cosimo – Mary Magdalene (1500-1510)
[ ]

Emma Fordyce MacRae (1887 � 1974) and Art Inconnu
These are gorgeous!  I had never heard of this artist before or The Philadelphia Ten: A Women’s Artist Group 1917 – 1945

The Dress

Melina in green – 1931
[ ]

I had blogged Kukula about a year or so ago, and I was reminded of her work when I read this article about her upcoming show in the LA Times: KuKula’s ‘Immortal Artifacts’ at Corey Helford

Complete Exhaustion (2009)
[ ]

What Was Popular Mechanics Thinking? via Everlasting Blort
James Inhofe will need one of these when the sea level rises. 😉

Modern Mechanix
[ ]

Shane Devries blog via Cgunit
These are fun.

Oh No, He’s Eating My Birthday Cake!
[ ]


Music Video Links For 12/21/2009

The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole (HQ Audio)
This is one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time. 

Nat King Cole
[ ]

Louis Jordan – Buzz me Baby
Nice tune from the mid 1940s.

Louis Jordan
[ ]

Moira Shearer – The Red Shoes (part 1 1948)
I saw this movie last week and thought it was great, especially the Red Shoes ballet scene.  The stage sets, costumes, music and performers art woven together into a remarkable work of art.  I would like to see this movie on the big screen.  I highly recommend it on DVD.  Here’s part 2

Moira Shearer
[ ]

Muddy Waters – I Can’t Be Satisfied (Live)
This is one of my favorite songs by Muddy Waters.  The song was originally released in 1948 too.

Muddy Waters
[ ]

Larry Williams – Bony Moronie
John Lennon was a big fan.

Larry Williams
[ ]

John Lennon – Merry Christmas (War Is Over)
Speaking of John Lennon…

John Lennon
[ ]

Orbital – One Perfect Sunrise (live)

[ ]

Norah Jones – Come Away With Me

Norah Jones
[ ]

Chicane – Saltwater

[ ]

Lykke Li – Little Bit

 Lykke Li
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Tuesday 12/15/2009

Stooges make rock’s hall of fame

It’s about time, Iggy deserves it.  Also, John McCain’s ABBA will be inducted.  Talk about your yin and yang…

Iggy Pop and the Stooges – The Passenger
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Monday 12/14/2009

Art Links For 12/14/2009

These are some wonderful images by this young Bejing artist.  I wish I could make Photoshop images that soar like these, but only in my dreams…

[ ]

Shiori Matsumoto
I blogged Shiori over two years ago, and it’s nice to see that she’s still creating excellent works of art.

Temariuta (2009)
[ ]

I wonder where this blogger finds all these vintage images?

A “Scarecrow” from a 1950 Magazine

Magazine Picture from 1950
[ ]

Ernest Clayton Collection of California Wild Flowers
This is a nice set of images from SFPL.  I love California poppies!

The Ubiquitous California Poppy
[ ]

Kristamas Klousch – Self Portraiture via Cgunit
I like these.


Meow in Underwear
[ ]

Michael Pacher
Weird, No?

[ ]


Music Video Links For 12/14/2009

Robert Johnson – Sweet Home Chicago
This is a great song by visionary blues legend Robert Johnson.

Robert Johnson
[ ]

Fats Waller – I�m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
I like this version by Fats.

Fats Waller
[ ]

Little Walter – My Babe
One of the greatest blues harmonica players and performers of all time.

Little Walter
[ ]

XTC – Senses Working Overtime Live TV (video portion)
This is a great live version of one of my favorite XTC songs. 

[ ]

The Ghost In You – Psychedelic Furs (HQ Audio)
I haven’t listened to these guys in quite a while.

Psychedelic Furs
[ ]

Pizzicato Five – Such A Beautiful Girl Like You
Needed some yin at this point.

 Pizzicato Five
[ ]

Elliott Smith – Miss Misery

Elliott Smith
[ ]

A Perfect Circle – Blue (Official Video)

A Perfect Circle
[ ]

John Martyn – I’d Rather be the Devil via Coisas do arco da velha
This dude can play.

John Martyn
[ ]


Monday 12/07/2009

Art Links For 12/07/2009

Ryoko Suzuki
These are great!  I want one in my living room!

Anikora-Kawaii 08

Anikora-Kawaii 10
[ ]

Jin Shangyi
These are beautiful.

[ ]

Yang Fei-Yun
And these are beautiful too.

[ ]

Walter McClintock Glass Lantern Slides
These simply amazing hand painted photographs were taken around the turn of the century. 

Thunder Tipi of Cream Antelope
[ ]

Yuichiro Ohmura via Who Killed Bambi

Lucky rabbit girl-Olympia (2007)
[ ]

Aleksandra Waliszewska via Traveling with the Ghost
These are so damn weird.  I think that’s why I like them.

Tarapaty (2008)
[ ]

Xiaoqing Ding
I blogged her work before a couple of years ago, but it’s definitely worth another look. Check out her Photo Album or easier viewing.

Starry Night (2003)
[ ]

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Digital Archive at Bowdoin College
The hero of Gettysburg (and mine too) is documented from the university where he taught every subject except for math.

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
[ ]


Music Video Links For 12/07/2009

Vladimir Horowitz – Chopin Ballade 1 (1968 Live TV)
This is a thing of pure beauty.

Vladimir Horowitz
[ ]

Bob Dylan –  Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall – Telecasts 10
This song is also the theme for the U.N. Copenhagen climate summit

Bob Dylan
[ ]

Buffy Sainte-Marie – Universal Soldier
Who is responsible for war?

Buffy Sainte-Marie
[ ]

Rolling Stones & Muddy Waters – I’m A Man
Nice to see the students with their teacher having fun.

Rolling Stones & Muddy Waters
[ ]

Blind Melon – No Rain
Great song.

Blind Melon
[ ]

Spoon – Don’t You Evah
“The robot Keepon (developed by Hideki Kozima and programmed by Marek Michalowski) dancing to the Spoon song, Don’t You Evah.” – Wired.  Another great tune.

[ ]

Patty Griffin – Rain

Patty Griffin
[ ]

Tool – The Pot

[ ]

New Young Pony Club – The Get Go
This band is really good.

New Young Pony Club 
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