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Internet Weekly 2

Bush Says ‘Mission Accomplished’ In War Against Existentialism

Bush Says ‘Mission Accomplished’ In War Against Existentialism

George W. Bush – Parody News Cartoon

Bush Says ‘Mission Accomplished’

In War Against Existentialism

WASHINGTON (IWR News Satire) – President Bush today declared ‘Mission Accomplished’ in the war against existentialism. 

"When Vice President Dick Cheney said that Democrat Ned Lamont’s primary win was a victory for al Qaeda or when I declared that Israel had won its war with Hezbollah, it clearly demonstrated that we have won the war with the French existentialists.

I know this to be true because I read the cliff notes from the Stranger by Albert Camus during my vacation, and I scored 60% on Condi’s pop quiz.

From duct tape to weapons of mass destruction, this administration has tried its best to be as absurd as it possibly could be. 

In my remaining years, I pledge to all Americans that I’m going to try my darn best to be the most harebrained president in the history of this country," said Mr. Bush as he pointed to himself.

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