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IWR Art – Pan Yuliang

IWR Art – Pan Yuliang


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Pan Yuliang

Pan Yuliang [1895-1977]
Pan Yuliang led a remarkable life.  Her parents died when she was very young, and her uncle sold her to a brothel when she was just 14.  Seven years later, a customs official bought her freedom.  Pan then went Shanghai Art School and later studied in France where she lived most of the rest of her life.  Although her colorful and sensuous work won international recognition, her nude paintings were called “depraved” in China in the 1930s. If she had she stayed in China during the Cultural Revolution, the Maoist robot scum certainly would have destroyed the memory of Pan Yuliang and her “Bathing” paintings. In 1994, the movieHua hun was made of Pan’s life story starring Gong Li.  I found the American titled version of the film A Soul Haunted by Painting on Netflix, but I haven’t had a chance to see it yet. Hopefully, I will see it later this week. Also, I found a few more of Pan’s paintings at this site.  If you know of any additional archives or articles, please add them to the comments section.

Mum and Woman’s Body

Self Portrait of Pan Partying in Paris
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