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Enron: A Parody that writes itself.

Albert Speer Said to Have Created Enron Logo   Kenneth Lay’s wife confesses that her husband Kenny and Albert Speer were tavern shuffle board buddies in the 1970’s.  In fact, Mrs. Lay revealed that before Albert died in 1981, he designed the Enron Logo for Kenny Boy.  In a recently discovered tape recording, Mr. Speer dismisses out of hand any resemblance between the Enron logo and the swastika of the Third Reich.

Powell and Greenspan Sue Baker Institute Over Enron Prize   Taking a page from the Houston Astros, who are suing Enron over the name of their stadium Enron field, Colin Powell and Alan Greenspan have filed a joint law suit against the The Baker Institute for Public Policy.  

Powell (1995)  and Greenspan (2001) were both winners of  the Enron Prize for Distinguished Public Service of the Year.   The purpose of the suit is to get their Enron records expunged from the James Baker Institute.

"Every time I look in the mirror, I see that stupid  Enron logo on my forehead.  It’s a stigmata!" said Mr. Greenspan.

Mr. Powell added: "Whenever I plead for a moderate course on administration policy, Rummy and Wolfie just keep rubbing that Enron prize in my face.  I’m sick of  hearing them singing to the Miss American Song  ‘Here he comes Mr. Enronica’ whenever I walk into a room.  Those guys are insufferable."

Enron is Funny?

It is for example when the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants praised the Enron corporation’s accounting practices in it’s bi-monthly magazine, see for yourself  D-oh! In Texas, Enron was star on CPA’s cover. 

If you want to keep up-to-date with Enron, be sure to visit The Daily Enron

How about some Enron gift ideas for that special child in your life?   I’m sure you know some little boy or girl that would love to have Ken Lay’s Star Wars Action Figure Collection, or for the perfect student you might consider the Enron Toy Cell Phone

Imagine if your football team played on Enron Field!   Would you sue Enron too?  

Have you seen Kenny’s Kids or the The Enron Photo Album? 

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Chicken-Enron Connection Found


(Left) Bob Woodward (Right) Chicken

Washington, DC Investigative journalist Bob Woodward today broke the intriguing story of how the San Diego Chicken exploited his close personal friendship with President Bush to lobby for tax breaks for the Enron Corporation.   "Not only did the chicken use his influence to become a member of Vice President Dick Cheney’s energy task force, he also had free run of the Whitehouse on weekends and frequently nested in the Lincoln bedroom!" stated Woodward.

Reporter Helen Thomas asked Mr. Woodward: "Can you tell us which came first Bob?  I mean was it the chicken or the Enron?"

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