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Internet Weekly 2

IWR Bush Cartoons – Dr. Cheney’s Evil Brain

IWR Bush Cartoons – Dr. Cheney’s Evil Brain

Dick “Dr. Mabuse” Cheney – Parody News Cartoon

Dr. Cheney’s Evil Brain

At A Drive-In Near You!

IWR Movie Review – This is another in a series of B movies from the Bush Administration featuring Dick Cheney as Fritz Lang’s pulp villain Dr. Mabuse. In this installment, we find that Dr. Mabuse is still disguised as the vice president of the United States.  As you may recall from the previous film, “Die! Cheney! Die!”, Cheney and his chimp-like assistant Bubu started a war with Iraq, rejected the Geneva Conventions, encouraged the torture of prisoners, re-instituted domestic spying and sold our national parks to the highest bidders.  In this Mabuse movie, Dr. Cheney and Bubu start a war with Iran, fill in the Grand Canyon with cement, abolish the Constitution and sell the National Archives to Rupert Murdoch.

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