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IWR Photo Cartoon

Photo Proves Saddam 9/11 Connection!

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Steve Haze

Case Closed!!!

(IWR Satire) - This top secret photo proves once and for all, that Saddam Hussein is linked to 9/11.  This image was obtained from the same reliable neocon CIA contacts, who told us about Iraq's huge stockpile of WMD.

Now, I know some of you liberal traitors out there will say this picture is doctored, but hey, you wouldn't say that if it were George Bush in the photo, now would you? 

Well maybe not, but hell, neocons like us don't get paid to report facts anyway. 

We get paid by the oligarchs, who control the Bush Administration, to glorify their imperialist crusades into the Middle East and whatnot.

Remember, if any liberal should try to tell you that this photo is fake, you just tell them that Fred Barnes says it's the real McCoy.  Fred knows more about these things then almost anybody else in the whole universe.  That's what he tells everybody here at The Weekly anyway.

A little bird tells me that next week, the CIA will provide me of some secret enhanced photos showing Saddam standing next to giant caches of  nuclear weapons, which will further justify Bush's preemptive tryst in Iraq.


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