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IWR Photo Cartoons - Rummy's New Brain

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Rumsfeld To Get New Brain

Washington (IWR Satire) - Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced a new intelligence breakthrough at today's briefing.

Dubbed "The Brain", the automaton, which was built by Admiral John Poindexter from spare arcade machine parts, is said to able to answer any intelligence question with a high degree of accuracy.

"In our first test question, we asked The Brain who was responsible for President's outrageous Iraqi WMD claims, and the golem correctly answered: 'You Neocon bastards, that's who!'.

In future sessions, we are hopeful that the Brain will be able to tell us the locations of the missing WMD, but The Brain can't seem to stop laughing whenever we ask him that particular question," said Rumsfeld.

Note: Thanks to Donna for the inspiration on this one.

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