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IWR Photo Cartoon

Laura Bush Gets Karen O Makeover

CRAWFORD, TX (IWR News Satire) - First Lady Laura Bush is getting a "Karen O" style makeover over during the holidays according to Gordon Johndroe, the first lady's press secretary.

"Ever since the president heard that song Rich by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Karl Rove's Christmas party, he keeps singing over and over again 'I'm rich... Rich, Rich, Rich'.

The ever observant first lady decided to can her conservative dowdy look and adopt the popular style of lead singer Karen O to try to capture the president's attention.

Let's not forget that Mr. Bush recently referred to 'Pickles' as that 'lump in bed next to me'.

The first lady would like to have sex at least once during her tenure at the White House," said Johndroe.


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