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IWR Photo Cartoon Parody

Kim Jong Il For Governor Poster

More Kim Jong Il

Laura Bush Meets Kim Jong Il

Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Il Proclaims May Elton John Month

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Unabomber to Fill Poindexter Vacancy

IWR Guest Cartoon - Toto Meets Ashcroft

Saddam in Disguise

 August Top Ten

  1. Bush Admits US Invaded the Wrong Country
  2. Toto Meets Ashcroft
  3. Bush Blames Doppelganger for Weak Economy
  4. Greenspan Blames Krugman For Sluggish Economy

  5. Rummy's New Game Show: The Wheel of Farces

  6. Bush Takes Responsibility For Loch Ness Monster Claim

  7. Photo "Proves" Bush Wasn't Lying

  8. Secret Agent 86 - Dubya Smart

  9. Schwarzenegger Not Qualified to Run For Governor of California

  10. First Annual Moron Summit

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