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Kim Jong Il Enters California Governor's Race

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) -- With the slogan, "a vote for Kim is a vote for Him," North Korea's Kim Jong Il threw his hat in the ring for governor in California's recall election as a Republican candidate.

If elected, Kim Jong Il said, he would erase the state's budget deficit by threatening California's creditors with nuclear annihilation.

"I really think I can do a better job of balancing the budget than those candy asses in Sacramento," the authoritarian dictator told reporters Tuesday.

Conservative talk show pundit, Rush Limbaugh, strongly endorsed Kim Jong Il's candidacy.

"You really have to admire the cojones of this crazy little Korean dude.   He reminds me a lot of Il Duce and that makes neocons like myself wet if you know what I mean," said Limbaugh.

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