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Heritage Foundation Patriotic Music Collection - Linda Tripp

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Heritage Foundation Patriotic Music Collection

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Heritage Foundation Liner Notes (Internet Weekly Satire) - Linda Tripp selects the best TV theme songs of all time in her new 100% all American Heritage Foundation Patriotic Music Collection. 

Linda selects the Hammond Organ simulation with full reverb for her swingin' rendition of Green Acres. Her special guest Lucianne Goldberg plays the vibes, while her son Jonah Goldberg plays the snare drum.  And they are just getting started as this trio from a parallel universe in Purgatory do a tragically hip reggae version of Gilligan's Island

Ms. Tripp then really lets her hair down on the Budweiser Theme, and the party continues with Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! from the Ren and Stimpy show.  Linda ends the set with a nice all American favorite - the O.J. Simpson Trial Theme. This is wholesome patriotic music that any Patriotic European white person is sure to enjoy!

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