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IWR Photo Cartoon - Dick Cheney and ASIMO

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IWR Photo Cartoon Parody Series

Cheney to be Replaced by ASIMO

Washington - White House press secretary, Scott McClellan, announced today that President Bush will be replacing Vice President Dick Cheney with ASIMO the robot for the 2004 election campaign.

"Mr. Rove feels that the current Vice President has been too cranky lately and been bringing everybody else down.  For example: Dick never joins in anymore when we watch Nick at Nite, and he also always turns down the music when we listen to Orin Hatch's Christian Rock CDs.  He won't even dress up like Uncle Fester anymore!

Besides, the President really, really, really, really likes ASIMO.  I think he likes that little dude almost as much as he likes the San Diego Chicken, his dog Barney or even the First Lady for that matter.

Strangely enough, there is no requirement in the Constitution that the Vice President has to be a human being," said McClellan.

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