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IWR Photo Cartoons - Bush's Recurring Nightmare

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IWR Cartoons

George Bush's Recurring Nightmare


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Howard Dean's Karate School

The Iraq War's Mickey Mouse Club

Britney in Therapy to Cure Her Social Conscience

Bush Pays "Tribute" to Martin Luther King Jr.

Bush Blames "Divine Intervention" For Higher Labor Day Gas Prices

Current Top Ten

  1. Bush Admits US Invaded the Wrong Country
  2. Schwarzenegger Not Qualified to Run For Governor of California
  3. Greenspan Blames Krugman For Sluggish Economy
  4. Toto Meets Ashcroft
  5. Kim Jong Il Enters California Governor's Race
  6. The House of Bush
  7. Photo "Proves" Bush Wasn't Lying
  8. Ashcroft Arrests Al Franken As Enemy Combatant
  9. The Eleventh Commandment
  10. Bush Blames Doppelganger for Weak Economy

  11. Bonehead

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