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IWR Photo Cartoon

Bush Takes Stand Against Enola Gay Marriages

CHANTILLY, VA (IWR News Satire) - During a tour of the Smithsonian's new National Air and Space Museum today, President Bush took what he called his 'principled stand against Enola Gay Marriages'.

"I'm as compassionate as the other fellow, but I have to draw the line when people begin to talk about these Enola Gay Marriages

You can call them kilts if you like, but I believe that only a woman should be allowed to wear a dress in the family!

The last thing we want to do is get impressionable people like Senator Santorum all excited by seeing a man in a dress.  You know that poor lad is still plagued by those nightmares he has about men and barnyard animals.

I mean, if two men want to go and drop an atomic bomb on a civilian population that's fine with me, but if other hand the same two men want to dress up in kilts and get married, I say hang em," said the President to reporters. 


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