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IWR Photo Cartoon - Bush Blames Tree Quotas For Forest Fires

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IWR Photo Cartoon Parody Series

Bush Blames Tree Quotas For Forest Fires

Washington (IWR Satire) - President Bush today blamed what he called "tree quotas" for the recent forest fires in Arizona. 

"If we didn't have so many friggin' trees in the first place, we wouldn't have so many of these pain-in-the-ass forest fires.  I mean, you don't need a degree in nucular science to know that. 

The answer is quite simple: No trees, No fires!  And I don't give a shit about that biodiversity crap all you tree huggers out there are always whining about. 

Face facts you silly hippies, biodiversity is the same thing as quotas!  And this administration don't do quotas,"  said an angry President Bush to a room full of puzzled biotechnology lobbyists.

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