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The Shocking Bush Crayola Presidency

Washington (IWR Satire) - The Washington Post today released the first in a three part series on 'The Crayola Presidency'. 

Over the last three years, Reporter Bob Woodward has documented in detail the shocking use of crayons, finger paints and coloring books by the Bush Administration.

"The president is very particular about the way intelligence is presented to him. 

He doesn't like all those fancy-smacy charts with all those smarty pants doodads and whatnots. 

What Bush really prefers are drawings made with crayons.

Here is an Iraqi intelligence drawing that was made during an October 2002 briefing with President Bush in the Oval Office.  The artwork is that of the president himself except for the captions, which were done by Condoleeza Rice," said Woodward.


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