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Britney in Therapy to Cure
Acute Bout of Social Conscience

HOLLYWOOD, CA (IWR Satire) -- Britney Spears agent today confirmed that the rumors about Britney being in therapy are true.

"On her trip back to LA from Paris, some smart aleck slipped a copy of Time in Britney's stack of fashion magazines.

Ms Spears was exposed to a Time article on the the problem of bulimia with young women.

Britney then began to feel guilty about all these bulimic young girls out there, who are trying to emulate Britney's superficial style by starving themselves half to death.

She was like really bummed out. 

So we decided it was best to put her in therapy where she could get rid of her god damned social conscience before it effected our bottom line," said Britney's agent Jeff Hurly.


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