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Bremer to Sell Off Iraq's Assets on eBay

BAGHDAD, Iraq (IWR Satire) -- In an effort to raise money to pay for the rising costs of the US Occupation and the restoration of basic services in Iraq, Paul Bremer said today that he would begin selling off Iraq's assets on eBay.

"In order to offset the staggering costs of the Iraq war, President Bush has authorized me to begin selling off Iraq's assets on eBay.

It's all Rumsfeld's idea.  As you know, everybody in the administration is tired of kowtowing to Congress to give us the billions needed to do whatever the heck it is we are doing here. 

Can you believe those senators actually want to see a plan before the give us any more money?

Gosh, its like they don't trust us anymore.

Anyway, we now have several priceless works of art from the Iraq's National Museum and Kurdistan up for sale.  In addition, we have several oil wells available in a Dutch style auction," said Paul Bremer.

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