Winsock and TCP/IP Resources

Maintained by Lynn Larrow 01/18/99

Winsock Resources

Winsock Application Archives Winsock FAQS
Forrest Stroud's CWS Apps List - Numero Uno! WinSock Development Information
Consummate Winsock - Top Twenty alt.winsock FAQ - HTML
Winsock-L Archive Mark Towfig's - Winsock 1.1 FAQ
BHS 32 Bit Download Center! (NT Utilities)! Windows Sockets 2
The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software Al's Winsock Tuning FAQ
Stardust Winsock Software Directory Stardust Winsock Resource Center Winsock Connections
Top 30 Windoze Downloads Windows and TCP/IP for Internet Access
Jumbo Shareware Site SLIP/PPP in Windows at UIUC
  My MTU/MSS Notes

TCP/IP Resources

RFC Information TCP/IP FAQs and Resources
Hypertext RFC Information Tree from Ohio State Internet Tools Summary - John December
A List of Internet Standard RFCs IP Next Generation (IPng)
Search of RFC - Full Text Search comp.protocols.ppp Frequently wanted information
Search of RFC - For IPv6 related RFCs SLIP - a user perspective.
RFC1883 Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) DHCP FAQ
RFC879 - "TCP maximum segment size"  
RFC1700 - Assigned Numbers - Gory Details  
RFC1661 - PPP  
RFC1055 - SLIP  
RFC1144 Van Jacobson - CSLIP  
A Primer On Internet and TCP/IP Tools - RFC1739  

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