Trumpet Setup Instructions



In your winsock applications, be sure to use the ip addresses or alias names in the Trumpet hosts file. (See settings below in trumpwsk.ini and hosts)

If you don't yet have Trumpet Winsock, login to your shell account with your communications program using vt100 emulation and zmodem file transfer. You can can use the procedure below.

[*Download the key applications yourself with lynx or ftp*]

I have setup a small html page for installing SLiRP, TIA, Trumpet Winsock 2.0B, WS_FTP, Netscape 1.1N and the latest versions of other winsock applications with lynx.

[*lynx is available on your UNIX shell account*]

(1) {netcom2.1} lynx

(2) Select Trumpet Winsock 2.0B 

(3) Select "D" for D)ownload.

(4) Then select,  "Save to disk"

(5) Q to quit lynx

(6) {netcom2.1} sz  [*to initiate a send zmodem file transfer*]

You can also download SLiRP, TIA, ws_ftp, Netscape 1.1N, etc. from the 
same page.

[*no lynx and using ftp*]

{netcom2.1} ftp
            ftp> username: anonymous
            ftp> password: yourname@your.domain [*email address*]
            ftp> binary
            ftp> cd /winsock-l/stacks/trumpwsk
            ftp> recv
            ftp> quit

Use sz to zmodem to your PC.  Repeat for WS_FTP, Netscape, etc.

ftp /pub/msdos
ftp /netscape1.1/windows n16e11n.exe


From the menu bar select Dialler->Setup.cmd. This will capture the information needed for your login CMD file. Here is a graphical Trumpet 2.0B setup example.

SLiRP Trumpet Winsock Settings

TIA Trumpet Winsock Settings

Start Trumpet.

Select Dialler->Setup.cmd to enter your username and password.

Select Dialler->Manual Login and then enter your login information.

Loading TIA:

At the UNIX prompt {netcom:1}, enter exec tia or tia

Once you have logged in you should see this message:

The Internet Adapter (tm) 1.04c for SunOS
Copyright (c) 1994 Cyberspace Development, Inc.
TIA Debug mode ON. 'tia.log' file will be created on exit
Address: Port:119 is setup to run:nntpd
The address: is mapped to the current host computer
Individual License

Ready to start your SLIP software. 

Enter Esc and your ready to surf
[*Note: 5 ctrl-Cs to kill tia.  Does not work with "exec tia"*]

Loading SLiRP:

At the UNIX prompt {netcom:1}, enter exec slirp or slirp


This program is copyrighted, free software.
Please read the file COPYRIGHT that came with the SLiRP
package for the terms and conditions of the copyright.

Reading config file: /u7/llarrow/.slirprc
Using compression.
Adding nntpd to port 119
Setting MTU to 552
Setting baudrate to 38400
IP address of SLiRP host:
Your address is
(or anything else you want)

SLiRP Ready ... (talking CSLIP, MTU 552, 38400 baud)
Enter Esc and your ready to surf

[*Note: 5 zeros to kill slirp. Does not work with "exec slirp"*]

SLiRP Notes
TIA Notes

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