TIA Trumpet Winsock CSLIP/PPP Settings


Make sure you get your correct IP addresses from your service provider. You need to have these IP addresses for SLiRP or TIA and Trumpet Winsock to properly setup your trumpwsk.ini file. Also, with tia you can get your IP addresses by executing tia - address from the UNIX prompt.

Note: I have got PPP working, but CSLIP seems to work better for me.

{netcom:2} tia -address
IP address of netcom.netcom.com (used as Gateway address):
Addresses of nameservers: netcom.netcom.com netcomsv.netcom.com nntp.netcom.com
Gateway [*Use the IP address of the machine you are logged into*]

DNS Server(s)

The sample Gateway and DNS IP addresses used in this example are for Netcom.

Click here to see a sample Trumpet TIA Setup Screen.

Relevant TIA Settings for Trumpwsk.ini [*read trumpet install.txt*]
[Trumpet Winsock]
ip=              [*Your Local-pc IP Address*]
netmask=     [*Use this ip or the default works*]
gateway=    [*Netcom.netcom.com, real GW is*]
dns= [*Netcom's Domain Name Servers*]
time=                     [*Leave blank*]
domain=                   [*Leave blank if DNS problems (R. Clayton)*]
mtu=1500                  [*MSS + 40*]
rwin=4096                 [*Use 4096 for TIA*] 
slip-port=4               [*Your com port number goes here*]
slip-baudrate=38400       [*default is 19200 see comm. setup*]
slip-compressed=1         [*must be 1 for CSLIP and PPP*]
ppp-enabled=1             [*1 for PPP only*]

[bunch of lines deleted here use defaults*]

[default vars]
$password=iddqd                [*godmode in doom :)*]
$number=644-7850               [*Your POP number goes here*]
$username=llarrow              [*Your user name*]

Settings for Trumpet's hosts file.

Note: If your ISP is not Netcom, Your ISP may offer you direct access to 
their nntp news server.  In this case, you would use your ISP's nntp server IP address.

# A sample netcom tia/trumpet hosts file
#    Local-pc    local-host   smtp-server   [*use these names in your apps*]    nntp-server  ftp.trumpet.com.au

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