TIA Installation Notes


For registered user upgrades to TIA 2.0x, Click Here for the upgrade form.


You need to purchase a TIA license from marketplace.com $30. Use the Cyberspace HTML TIA Single User Order Form. You need to specify which operating system TIA will reside on. Netcom uses Sun Sparc Servers with SunOS or sparc.sunos.

After you purchase your TIA license, you will get a mail message that you need to save in your home directory where you will also keep your TIA files.

Login to your shell account with your communications program using vt100 emulation or telnet netcom.com. At the unix prompt {netcom#.#}, e.g. {netcom2.1} in this reference. Note: your prompt may be configured differently than this.

The example below uses pine, which is a very common e-mail package for the UNIX operating system. Check with your ISP to determine which e-mail software is available.

Pico is simple text editor in the style of the Pine Composer and may be available on your system. If not, you can always use the dreaded vi editor, which is a standard UNIX editor. If you are new to vi and UNIX, type:

man vi

Man short for manual is part of the UNIX help system.

I use this format [*notes*] for reference notes.

{netcom2.1} pwd  [*to get your home directory, e.g. 
                        /yourdir/yourname and write it down*] 

{netcom2.1} pine [*to get your TIA email.*]

         In pine find the message in your inbox.  Select other 
         to find the Save option.  When it asks you for the  
         file name enter /yourdir/yourname/.tia to save the
         file in your tia directory.  Quit pine.

{netcom2.1} l -a | more [*this will show you if .tia is there*] 


If you do not have a Netcom account, go to Option 2. Also, you will need to know what UNIX operating system your ISP uses. This example uses the sparc.sunos, which is in the tiabeta directory. The version of tia that you need may be in the tia directory. In addition, the nntpd software may not run on your system. However, if your ISP has a nntp server, you may be authorized to connect directly by using the name and ip address of that server. I wish Netcom did it that way!

Option 1: [*Netcom Users Only*]

Netcom Public TIA files: use ln to link to the files 
OR cp to copy the files to your directory.  
Note: do not copy AND link.

end Option 1 [*skip option 2*]:

Option 2: 

[*lynx users*]
Note: If your ISP provides lynx, a text based html viewer, you 
should try lynx because it is easier to use:

{netcom2.1} lynx ftp://marketplace.com/binaries [*or /tia*]

            Select the version of tia needed for your ISP
            Select "D" for D)ownload.
            Select "Save to disk"
            Select "q" to quit lynx

[*ftp users*]
{netcom2.1} ftp marketplace.com
     ftp>user:     [*type anonymous to the user prompt*]
     ftp>password: [*type yourname@netcom.com to the password prompt*]
     ftp>cd /binaries [*or /tia wherever the copy of tia you need is*]
     ftp>get readme.nntp 
     ftp>get sparc.sunos.tia
     ftp>get sparc.sunos.nntpd

[*both lynx and ftp users*]
{netcom2.1} mv sparc.sunos.tia tia
{netcom2.1} mv sparc.sunos.nntpd nntpd
{netcom2.1} chmod +x tia
{netcom2.1} chmod a+x nntpd

end Option 2: [Non-Netcom Users - Boy are you lucky :)*]

{netcom2.1} l -a | more [*tia file permissions*]
-rwx------  1 llarrow       553 Jan  6 19:18 .tia 
-rwx------  1 llarrow        28 Feb  4 15:08 .tiarc
-rwx--x--x  1 llarrow     73728 Jan  8 14:02 nntpd
-rw-------  1 llarrow      1725 Feb  4 19:30 readme.nntpd
-rwx------  1 llarrow    180224 Sep  3 19:12 tia

Creating a .tiarc file:
{netcom2.1} pico .tiarc (or use vi if you know UNIX)
        enter the .tiarc settings below

Settings for .tiarc file:
-ppp                [*Optional for PPP, turn vj compression on*]
-p:119 nntpd        [*News reader*]
-n                  [*host address*]
        control X to save

Starting tia

{netcom11:6} tia
The Internet Adapter (tm) 2.0.5 for SunOS on Sparc
Copyright (c) 1994,1995 Cyberspace Development, Inc.
Checking license...
Address: Port:119 is setup to run:nntpd
The address: is mapped to the current host computer
SLIP Configuration: Automatic Compression Enabled, MTU: 1500 MRU 1500

Ready to start your TCP/IP software.

[*Note: 5 Control-Cs will stop tia*]

Optional Parameters

Other TIA Control Settings type tia -help from the command line

usage: tia [args]
-help               This message                            
-p[ip]:p [pgm]      Connect port p to program pgm           
-l fn               Use file fn for license file            
-n [ip]             Add ip as an alias                      
-f p                Assume port p is an FTP control port    
-debug              Log debug info to tia.log               
-ip ip              Use ip as the ip-address of this machine
-x[[ip]:d]          Redirect X to display ip:d              
-r[ip]:p1 [p2]      Redirect p2 on this machine to ip:p1    
-address            Show addresses and name servers         
-slip               Use SLIP                                
-ppp                Use PPP                                 
-mru n              Use a max mru of n.                     
-mtu n              Use a max mtu of n.                     
-slow               Use this if tia appears to hang printing banner
[] indicate optional parts of the command

SLiRP vs TIA Settings

Sample TIA trumpwsk.ini and hosts file

Sample TIA login.cmd

Sample TIA bye.cmd

Netcom Public SLiRP/TIA binaries

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