SLiRP Trumpet Winsock Settings


Relevant SLiRP Settings for Trumpwsk.ini. You need to get your DNS and gateway IP addresses from your ISP. Your DNS servers are listed in the file resolv.conf on your host. Use more /etc/resolv.conf to view. You can also use whois to get your DNS servers, e.g., whois Or just check the slirp startup screen :) Use netstat -r to get your gateway address, e.g.,
{netcom18:1} netstat -r
Routing tables
Destination          Gateway              Flags    Refcnt Use        Interface
localhost            localhost            UH       273    3150229    lo0
default           UG       221    22662743   le0

See trumpet install.txt for more detailed trumpwsk.ini information.

Click here to see a sample Trumpet Setup Screen.

[Trumpet Winsock]
ip=              [*Your Local-pc IP Address*]
netmask=     [*Use this ip or the default works*]
gateway=    [*Netcom's Gateway*]
dns= [*Netcom's DNS servers*]
time=                     [*Leave blank*]
domain=                   [*Leave blank (R. Clayton)*]
mtu=552                   [*default now 1500 with 0.9n or higher*]
rwin=4096                 [*8192 maximum RWIN = 4 to 8 * MSS]
mss=512                   [*default 1460 (MTU =MSS-40)*]                         
slip-port=4               [*Your com port number goes here*]
slip-baudrate=38400       [*or see comm. setup*]
slip-compressed=1         [*must be one for cslip slirp*]

[bunch of lines deleted here use defaults*]

[default vars]
$password=iddqd                [*godmode in doom :)*]
$number=644-7850               [*Your POP number goes here*]
$username=llarrow              [*Your user name*]

Settings for Trumpet's hosts file.

Note: If your ISP is not Netcom, Your ISP may offer you direct 
access to their nntp news server.  In this case, you would use 
your ISP's nntp server IP address.

# A sample netcom slirp/trumpet hosts file
#    Local-pc     nntp-server    telnetd  [*netcom users only for nntpd*]     telnet-shell   smtp-server   [*use these names in your apps*]     command-line  [*slirp command line, use telnet to activate*]

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