PPP Trumpet Winsock Settings


Here are relevant PPP Settings for Trumpwsk.ini that i use with my PacBell PPP account. You need to get your DNS and gateway IP addresses from your ISP.

See trumpet install.txt for more detailed trumpwsk.ini information.

Click here to see a sample Trumpet Slirp Setup Screen.

[Trumpet Winsock]
ip=                [*Your Local-pc IP Address*]
netmask=     [*Use this ip or the default works*]
gateway=           [*Usually not required just use the default*]
dns= [*PacBell's DNS servers*]
time=                     [*Leave blank*]
domain=                   [*Leave blank (R. Clayton)*]
mtu=552                   [*1500 if you do a lot of down loads*]
rwin=4096                 [*8192 maximum RWIN = 4 to 8 * MSS]
mss=512                   [*default 1460 (MTU =MSS-40)*]                         
slip-enabled=1            [*I don't know why this is one*]
slip-port=4               [*Your com port number goes here*]
slip-baudrate=57600       [*28.8 setting or see comm. setup*]
slip-compressed=1         [*must be one for cslip slirp*]
ppp-enabled=1             [*need this for ppp*]

[bunch of lines deleted here use defaults*]

[default vars]
$password=iddqd                [*godmode in doom :)*]
$number=644-7850               [*Your POP number goes here*]
$username=llarrow              [*Your user name*]

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