Communications Reference Links - Change Log

Note: I decided to create  this log so I could keep track of what I changed and when.  I accumulate these links as I am doing research for normal job and general interest in Internet technologies.    These links are my bookmarks in other words.  - - Lynn Larrow.


Task Change
01/30/2003 Added

I added several new web based tools to Modems and TCP/IP Resources.

01/02/2002 Added

IANA Link Root-Zone Whois Index by TLD Code [Country Codes]

12/26/2002 Updated

Checked the links with Link Checker and tweaked a few colors.

09/16/2002 Updated

Checked the links with Link Checker, which is a handy tool.   Also added MPLS RFC and PopUpBuster.

03/04/2002 Added

Added link.

12/26/2001 Changed

CA stopped supporting Inoculan.   I added AVG to system and this page today.

11/24/2001 Updated

I ran everything through my link checker and updated those links.  I know it was long over due.

06/25/2001 Added

Sick of seeing those annoying popup window ads?   Get AdSubtract from  

03/17/2001 Added

I added Shields UP! -- Internet Security Analysis.  Nice Web based analysis tool.  I also added Internet Firewalls:FAQ I finally found this link again.

02/25/2001 Added

I added John Navas' old Modem FAQ.   I didn't know it still existed.

02/25/2001 Changed

I re-organzized the page to make it easier to update.  I put the DSL and Cable information above Analog modems.   I decided to only list  tools that I really use and are free.  

02/11/2001 Added

I Added several new links that I have accumulated over the last two months.  (See blue dates).  I added a counter to this page to see if anybody actually reads this junk ;-)

02/11/2001 Changed

I removed the old winsock link section that was on the bottom of the page. I also moved the TCP/IP FAQs and Resources above the RFC Information.