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IWR Satire - Saddam Hussein

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Saddam Hussein Spotted with Cafe
Latte at the Baghdad Starbucks

Saddam also enjoys those low fat muffins

Where in the World is Saddam San Diego?

A Rerun of a Bad Movie

"It appears to be a rerun of a bad movie. He is delaying.
He is deceiving. He is asking for time," said the son of Dr. Frankenstein.

Saddam Hussein Wins Iraqi Open

Saddam Hussein

Baghdad (IWR Satire) - For the 25th year in a row, Saddam Hussein has won the Iraqi Open golf tournament.   Mr. Hussein, who was the only participant, won the game with a double bogie on the last hole of the Oasis Putt Putt Links in Baghdad.  

Earlier this month, Saddam had won gold medals at the Iraqi Olympics in these events:  three-legged race, four man bobsled, volley ball, ice hockey, ping pong, synchronized swimming and basketball.  Again, Mr. Hussein was the only participant in the Iraqi Olympics.

Condoleezza Rice to Marry Saddam Hussein
London (IWR Satire) -- President Bush's National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice, today announced that she accepted a wedding proposal from Saddam Hussein.   Miss Rice [mspain47] and Mr. Hussein [bootlicker212] met in the Leather Queen, an AOL chat room.  The happy couple would like interested parties to know that they have a gift registry at Nordstrom.

Saddam Hussein Wins 10 Million in Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes 

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Baghdad (IWR Satire) -  In a bizarre twist of fate,  the Axis of Evil bogeyman, Saddam Hussein, won the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes (PCH) Super Bowl Sweepstakes.  Upon hearing the news, Mr. Hussein was "giddy as an Islamic terrorist on his first visit to a topless bar" said Tareq Aziz the Iraqi deputy prime minister.

Mr. Hussein said that he had been sending in his PCH entry forms "for the last 32 years", and he plans to use the money to do "something really special for the Kurdish minority" in Iraq.

Donald Rumsfeld said "If hadn't been for that frigging lily-livered Colin Powell, Saddam would be swallowing some bitter pretzels right now in Camp X-Ray."

President Bush said he would have had a chance to win, but "Laura didn't want to mess with the odds on her Mammaw's chances fer winnin.   As y'all may recall,  Mammaw lost 8 big ones bettin on Kenny Boy.  Gowl Lee, she needs the money lot's more than Saddam does".  (02/11/2002)

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