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Dr. Strangeperle

  • Dr. Strangeperle 4/18
    This parody cartoon or still was created by IWR for the PBS series America at a Crossroads which aired on 4/17/2007.  The opening of this Richard Perle documentary called The Case for War: In Defense of Freedom featured the Doctor Strangelove parody cartoon (#1).  That's all you need to watch unless you want to get cheesed by Perle's BS.  I thought the documentary was going to be more balanced that it was based on their desired use for my parody images. But I have no regrets.  Image (#2) was also created for the series that I updated since I saw the airing of the Perle documentary.  BTW, image #2 really illustrates my real view of Perle.  He really does look like he just walked off the set of "Night of the Living Dead".

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Is Perle the Prince of Darkness
or is that Novak?
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War Is Good Food!
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