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Pranksters Put Giant Mask on TR

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www.internetweekly.org.   The ultra-conservative Henry Clay Frick Society or Fricks as they preferred to be called claimed responsibility for putting a giant plastic mask of former President Reagan on the stone face of Theodore Roosevelt on Mt. Rushmore.  The Fricks spokesperson   "Red Sonya" a.k.a. Peggy Noonan said:  "Unlike that SOB TR, President Reagan stayed bought by the corporate elites throughout his entire eight year tenure.   Now that's what conservative values are all about! " 

Attorney General John Ashcroft had to recuse himself and would not comment further on his former membership in the Frick Society.  It had been rumored that Mr. Ashcroft held the esteemed Frick Society position of Grand Frack.  Bob Woodward said he is working overtime trying to expose all of the remaining Fricks and Fracks in Washington. 

The Frick's put the mask on TR the night before Ronald Reagan's 91st birthday.   Besides loyalty to lobbyists, President Reagan is fondly remembered by conservatives for giving Ayatollah Khomeini a personally signed bible and a key shaped birthday cake on advice based in part from Joan Quigley,  Nancy Reagan's personal astrologer for seven years in the Whitehouse.  (02/11/2002)

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