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PLO Representative Completes Assertiveness Training Workshop

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Hasan Abdel Rahman


Washington -- In an effort to more effectively represent the the PLO in the U.S., Hasan Abdel Rahman has successfully completed a four day assertiveness training workshop from the Kojak Institute.  

Mr. Rahman was encouraged to take this training after Yasser Arafat complained that Hasan sounded too whiny on cable talk shows.  "'Why can't you be more like that Kojak guy?' Yasser Arafat asked me.  So I found the Kojak Institute on the Internet and signed up for the class."  reported Mr. Rahman before his scheduled appearance on the CNN.

The chief PLO representative's Kojak assertiveness skills were then put to there first test later that evening on CNN's Crossfire in which Mr. Rahman had the following exchange with Ariel Sharon.

Ariel Sharon:   "Arafat is just a terrorist.  Our military action in the refugee camps is justified and consistent with the Bush Doctrine."

Hasan Abdel Rahman: "What kind of fool sets up his own self?  A fool like you, sucka.   Who loves ya, baby?"

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