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The Lying Room
Why Everybody Loves Georgie Porgie

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by Peggy Noonan

How is Georgie Porgie doing these days?  Well lets just check the polls that we always discounted when Slick Willie was soiling the Oval Office.   But I digress...

All of the corporate potentates and heavily subsidized pundits that I talk to these days say that the President is doing a grand job, except on Israel or Korea.    But I think Georgie deserves at least a mulligan or two.  Don't you?  After all, his presidency has been like a timely injection of Botox into the sagging butt of American's military industrial complex.

Of course, it is not only us corporate Brahmins that feel this way.    It also looks like Joe Six-Pack and the Soccer Mommies think the President is doing a good job too.   In fact, in an exclusive IWR poll, the President's approval ratings are still found to be still soaring in the mid 70's, but let's take a closer look at the statistics, and I think we can all see why everybody still loves Georgie.

Who is a better philosopher -- George Bush or Howdy Doody?

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Georgie 51% Howdy 49%

Who is smarter -- George Bush or Albert Einstein? dubya.jpg (3709 bytes)

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Georgie 77% Albert 23%

Who is a better basketball  player -- George Bush or Michael Jordan? dubya.jpg (3709 bytes) jordan.jpg (2900 bytes)
Georgie 89% Michael 11%

Who is a better military leader -- George Bush or Gomer Pyle? gomer.jpg (4060 bytes) dubya.jpg (3709 bytes)
Gomer 61% Georgie 39%

Who is a better comedian -- George Bush or David Letterman? dubya.jpg (3709 bytes) letterman.jpg (2754 bytes)
Georgie 95% David 5%

In almost every category imaginable, the public clearly rates George Bush as a super moral humanoid.  Unlike like those liberal pixies,  Georgie really doesn't need the title of the presidency or people of the United States to keep him happy.   I mean wasn't it Plato who said that "Ignorance is bliss"? 

As anyone can plainly see, George Bush is a gentleman, a prince of a guy and a scholar.  In short, he is super human he-man hunk, and just like Ronald Raygun deserves to have his head carved on Mt. Rushmore

Internet Weekly Report First Issued on 12/15/2001,
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