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Bush Announces Tax Cuts for Post-Hussein Iraq

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Bush's Postwar Plan: Tax Cuts and Christianity

President Bush with Iraqi Minister of Propaganda Ann Coulter

Remarks by the President to the Meeting
of the National Governors Association

State Dining Room

11:00 A.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much. Thanks for coming back. I hope you enjoyed our dinner last night, as much as I did, it was really a lot of fun, thank you.  I'm always relieved when I don't throw-up, fart or faint during eating.  (Applause.)

I have big news for all of you smarty pants critics out there who think I don't have a real plan for a post-Hussein Iraq.  Today I am proud to announce "Operation Morning After".  (Applause)

After we have killed most of their menfolk, destroyed their infrastructure and turned their oil fields over to Poppy's Carlyle Group, the people of Iraq will need tax cuts to stimulate their ruined economy. 

First, I will reduce that unfair marriage dowry tax by 10%!  And that's not all, I will eliminate the inheritance tax and all taxes on stock dividends!  (Applause.)

And that's just for starters!

I have also decided to appoint Ann Coulter of Iraq's Minister of Propaganda.  Miss Coulter will be responsible for promoting my neo-conservative political agenda on Iraq TV and radio talk shows.  Annie will MC all televised executions of Baath party members and all of those Saddam Hussein doubles!   (Applause)

In addition, my good buddy Jerry Falwell has agreed to accept the position of Iraq's Minister of Religion, and he will be responsible for eliminating the separation between church and state, school voucher distribution the enforcement of religious conformity.  For example, all families in Iraq will receive a free voucher to attend the Baptist school of their choice!  (Applause)

Also, it's Ann Coulter's, Jerry Falwell's and my belief that in order to reduce religious intolerance between the Sunnis, the Shiites and the Nerds, that all Iraqis will need to be converted to Christianity and swear a loyalty oath to the GOP.  (Applause)

By the way, you governors are SOL if you think you are going to get any money out this administration!

Thank you very much.  (Applause.)

END 11:10 A.M. EST

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