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Karl Rove - IWR Parody Archive

Fear Strikes Out 06/19

The Story Of Karl Rove
To Be Released In November

The Texas Moonwalk


Karl Rove's GOP Freaks

A Neocon Sideshow

More Karl Rove

Fear Strikes Out 06/19

Rove Blames Bush's Bad Karma For Low Approval Ratings 05/16


The Mayberry Machiavellis 7/17

Rove To Get Medal Of Honor 7/14

Rovezilla 7/12

Rove To Use Insanity Defense 7/3

Karl Rove's GOP Freaks 6/16

Karl Rove's 2006 GOP Campaign Playbook 4/17

The GOP's American Psycho 4/13

Karl Rove's "The Birds" 4/3

Karl Rove's Secret 11/08

The Man Behind The Curtain 11/01

The Rove-A-Dope 9/15

The Psycho Presidency 8/6

Bush Throws Temper Tantrum In Iowa 8/5

Rove Orders Cheney To Wear Toupee 7/29

Karl Rove's Secret "Plan B" Turns Up In Nevada Massage Parlor 7/15

Karl Rove Proposes Small Adjustment in Bush Campaign Strategy 3/13

IWR Comics - Karl Rove's Universe #4 2/25

Karl Rove: The Case for Cronyism 2/20

Karl Rove Sends A Turkey To Iraq

Comic: Karl Rove's Universe - George Meets Karl's Brother

Karl Rove GOP Playing Card

The Texas Moonwalk

Comic: Karl Rove's Universe - Issue 2

The Universe According to Karl Rove

The Incredible 2 Headed Transplant


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